Optics theory;

Lamp design including following parts.

a. Reflector

b. Lens

Reflector basically from 2 theory



Parabola formula Y^2=4*F*X

(X,Y) are coordinate position.

However the focus filament is not a spot.  it is a pieces of bar.  The filament for H3 is length of 5.0X1mm,   The H4 is length of 5.5mmX1mm.


So use computer to analysis the output light beam direction.  Make it parallel to X axis.  The more horizontalized will make the curve  more accurated.

eclipse -

That's for projector light.

Lens Fluting Design-

Lens maker's law 1/f=(n-1)(1/c1+1/c2)


C2=Cr=negative------ Get the focus.