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We offer engineering service R&D and all different components on Automotive market.

ie; socket, bulb,connector,bracket,harness, parts, pcb....


We have tool shop to build injection, rubber, die casting on Automotive tooling development.


Rubber tooling for automotive harness connector





Tail light - Park/turn signal/Brake LED light lens tooling


Stamping tooling for Ford Mustang trunk latch1957



PCB-Design for 7 speed Gear indicator motorcycle


LED PCB design-



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Experienced to supply parts for


Toyota Lexus LED light, Toyota Avalon LED light- 5 years.

Ford Mustang parts over 85 items over- 15 years.

Truck back up alarm component -20 years.

Ford reproduction parts- reflector, Lens, harness, switch, dome light

BMW motorcyle reflector for Germany for 10years.

Chrysler Jeep Reproduction parts, turn signal switch, neutrol switch, harness, control panel

Design Gear Indicator 7 speed motorcyle control module.

truck trailer control module-Design and production  for Australia 10 years.

HID bulb build for Italy OEM.

LED light -Dome light, license light over 10 years.





ISO design and assembly



IP68 waterproof test passed.

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Automechanika 2018 booth Hall4.1 L61

Sep11-Sep15 2018



1. Electronics circuits design - Automotive module design....



2. Electronics circuit design for medical purpose.- accupuncture indicator


3. Remote control for Auto/home use



4. Waterproof component for outdoor purpose-automotive, Outboard, jet ski


a. Switch - waterproof type.                 




b. waterproof automotive control module                             


c. Full seal module for jet ski,boat.         


d. explosion-proof switches for different dangeros environment vehicle.     


e. Electric Relay for sports car,boat, yacht IP68


f. waterproof harness device     


explosion-proof relay


waterproof device     



Optics design and tooling - Halogen,Hid,LED.


We have know how to develop reflector

Reflector - Parabola

Lens- Prism

reflector - ellipse+convex lens

Reflector come out


Plastic injection tooling development, -catalog


rubber mold development,- catalog


stamping tooling development,-catalog


Bracket available for sale


Bulb available with inventory


connector available


PCB design


Reflector design


remote control




Socket available


Waterproof device


12V cigarette multi socket                


Auto Cigarette triple outlet       



Rechargeable LED desk lamp   


cigarette plug extension bracket    



We have over 200 color/gauge wires of inventory to build reproduction harness.


auto bulb current use.  will accept small qty




Auto Harness and connector


Reproduction wiring harness 


reproduction auto harness