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Beside,We offer engineering service R&D and all different components on Automotive market.

ie; socket, bulb,connector,bracket,harness, parts, pcb....


We have tool shop to build injection, rubber, die casting on Automotive tooling development.


Tail light - Park/turn signal/Brake LED light lens tooling

bus stop lamp develop2004


Develop 2007 H3 Foglamp



accessories develop 2018


Stamping tooling for Ford Mustang trunk latch1957



PCB-Design for 7 speed Gear indicator motorcycle


LED PCB design-



Rubber tooling for automotive harness connector




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Experienced to supply parts for


Toyota Lexus LED light, Toyota Avalon LED light- 5 years.

Ford Mustang parts over 85 items over- 15 years.

Truck back up alarm component -20 years.

Ford reproduction parts- reflector, Lens, harness, switch, dome light

BMW motorcyle reflector for Germany for 10years.

Chrysler Jeep Reproduction parts, turn signal switch, neutrol switch, harness, control panel

Design Gear Indicator 7 speed motorcyle control module.

truck trailer control module-Design and production  for Australia 10 years.

HID bulb build for Italy OEM.

LED light -Dome light, license light over 10 years.





ISO design and assembly



IP68 waterproof test passed.

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Automechanika 2018 booth Hall4.1 L61

Sep11-Sep15 2018



1. Electronics circuits design - Automotive module design....



2. Electronics circuit design for medical purpose.- accupuncture indicator


3. Remote control for Auto/home use



4. Waterproof component for outdoor purpose-automotive, Outboard, jet ski


a. Switch - waterproof type.                 




b. waterproof automotive control module                             


c. Full seal module for jet ski,boat.         


d. explosion-proof switches for different dangeros environment vehicle.     


e. Electric Relay for sports car,boat, yacht IP68


f. waterproof harness device     


explosion-proof relay


waterproof device     



Optics design and tooling - Halogen,Hid,LED.


We have know how to develop reflector

Reflector - Parabola

Lens- Prism

reflector - ellipse+convex lens

Reflector come out


Plastic injection tooling development, -catalog


rubber mold development,- catalog


stamping tooling development,-catalog


Bracket available for sale


Bulb available with inventory


connector available


PCB design


Reflector design -







remote control




Socket available


Waterproof device


12V cigarette multi socket                


Auto Cigarette triple outlet       



Rechargeable LED desk lamp   


cigarette plug extension bracket    



We have over 200 color/gauge wires of inventory to build reproduction harness.


auto bulb current use.  will accept small qty




SAE DOT brake light/turn signal approval



Auto Harness and connector


Reproduction wiring harness 


reproduction auto harness



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