We offer engineering service and R&D support. 


We build tool for injection, stamping, rubber, die casting.




We design PCB


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上次修改日期    Feb14 10:00 2018

ISO 9001 QC applying - class


Aug 04-2016 - ISO introducing,

Aug 18-2016 - ISO QC handle book assign, paper work description and 1/26- 7/26.

Aug 24-2016 - ISO process tables set up. 8/26- 16/26

Sep 01-2016 - ISO process tables set up. 17/26-26/26

Oct 24-2016 - ISO pre check

Oct 31-2016 - ISO inspection and approval.



ISO design and assembly



IP68 waterproof test passed.

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Automechanika 2018 booth Hall4.1 L61

Sep11-Sep15 2018



Electronics circuits design - all kind of module, Automotive PCB design....



Electronics circuit design for medical purpose.


Remote control AC/DC IR/RF 6V/12V/90V-240V 機車.車.卡車用,家用,遙控器



Waterproof component-harness, switch, remote control


Waterproof switch                 


 waterproof PCB                             


Full seal PCB         


explosion-proof switches


Waterproof relay                            


waterproof device           


explosion-proof relay


waterproof device



Optics design and tooling - Halogen,Hid,LED.各種光源


Tooling development  Die Casting,Plastic Injection,rubber molding and Stamping tool etc.  We build tool to cost down


Die casting tooling development,        Plastic injection tooling development,     rubber mold development,


stamping tooling development,


Liquid filling Machine - For High/Low Viscosity compact


Liquid filling Machine - high speed automatic


Alarm-Backup, emergency,warning


12V cigarette multi socket         triple outlet socket      auto cigarette triple socket


Auto Cigarette triple outlet



Rechargeable LED desk lamp


DC12V power center


cigarette plug extension bracket


Auto Harness and connector


Auto socket and harness


Reproduction wire harness


Reproduction wiring harness


reproduction auto harness


Screen Printing



Automobile Twin Wiper blade






帶小嬰兒的技巧       故鄉事                我們二年十班的兄弟們        笑話篇






Acupuncture route  經絡學-下載自YouTube  教科書應教的內容(撰寫中)


中藥紫云膏洗面皂 玫瑰活膚霜製作教學