Position Lamp -

Some car not show very clear marking lamp.  We give more power on the side mark (parking lamp). While turn sign on, The parking will off automatically.



1. 1157 or 3157 series                                                                  2. 3157 series



Red- Turn light  

Black- Batter ground(-)  

Green – Mark light

redesign for PCB 

PCB control design head lamp reminder

design circuit headlamp reminder


design buzzer pcb


PCB control designdesign control module


PCB control design


Variable Flasher 12V

variable speed flasher








Electronics Module

   - 控制電路



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Reed switch -
For car/ bus Trunk ,door light....
maximum power 10amp 100watt.
simple installation.
magnet contact off








Headlamp Reminder - 大燈提醒控制路


3 wire
Red wire to low beam
yellow wire to ignition
Black wire to ground
While low beam on ignition off.  Buzzer on.
if both on or both off.  Buzzer stop.




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Touch Switch - 觸控開關


Connect Input, output 12V and ground wire.

Power 12Volt, 3Amp output.

Touch the sensor will On, Touch again will Off.

Good to control the indoor light, fan, ….



Model No. Headlamp Reminder - 大燈提醒控制器


Connect the headlight remind you while headlight forgot.

Headlamp – Read.

Ground – black.

Ignition - Yellow




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Model No. DR-1 Delay Relay Flasher - 延遲開關


Delay 15 second to off.

PCB could revise to different time of delay also could be changed to reverse way.


Connect it will flash for 6 seconds.

Power 12Volt


Good for Horn, light.





Relay Box - 繼電器


Relay for 12volt/24volt.









Electronics Module - Flasher

   - 閃光燈控制器


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Model No. FS-01 Speed Variable Flasher

 - 可調速閃光燈控制器


For Tungsten/Halogen bulb

Frequency variable.

The feature offer an inside knob, speed will be variable you will feel the soft blink.

12Volt Variable speed Flasher.

3 wire

red – power in

Black – Ground

Yellow – Power out

Speed from 1sec to 3 sec per cycle.





Model No. FS-02 Alternative Flasher

 - 可調速交互閃光燈控制器


The feature offer 2 outlet wires connect 2 sets of bulbs to Alternate.

The Alternative bulb will save energy & cause attraction.





Model No. FS-04 Flasher with Buzzer

 - 可調速交互閃光燈控制器


The Loud Tone will warn people for safety driving.